Our 23 years of experience have led to the conquest of a new area in our company’s history. Our new service, called the “Mentor Program”, gives you the opportunity to learn how to make chimney cake. The programme gives you the recipe for making chimneycake business efficiently and succesfully. The programme was created for foreign entrepreneurs, with the aim of transferring the experience we have gained, from the type of equipment, to the training of the workflow and the process of dough kneading and baking, all to start a successful business.

Content of the mentor programme

  • Optimal kitchen equipment for efficient working
  • Provision of special kitchen equipment and machinery
  • Családi recept alapján létrehozott kürtőskalács mix
  • Chimney cake mix based on a family recipe
  • Full recipe compilation / Price calculation
  • Post-opening consultation and advice
  • Training of the entire workflow
  • Optional: provision of packaging with individual logo (Classic and cones)

Special kitchen tools and machines

  • Professional Chimneycake baking machine 2pcs, 4 positions (can be switched separately)
  • Classic Chimneycake bake mould 24pcs
  • Cone shaped Chimneycake baking mould 24pcs
  • Flavour holder GN pans and matching tray
  • Wall rack (depending on space requirements)
  • Cone holder tray
  • Kneading machine (20L)
  • Topping holder storage (optional: cooler function)

On-site training conditions

6 hours training per day for 5 working days.
Extra hours over and above the recommended training time mentioned above, if required.
Travel and accommodation expenses paid by the customer