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Who would not remember with affection for those times when our grandma’s sweets meant the world for us?!

This experience defined my childhood as well. That’s why I decided to start this company based on my mother’s traditional recipes so now everyone who tastes our products can travel back in time.

If you also like try time travelling with us and call up those happy and worry-free experiences, than just keep going through our webpage where you can find many information and interesting facts about us.

Happiness cannot be bought.
The chimney cake, on the other hand, is almost the same.


About us

Our Founders

Grandma Kató

her daughter, Gyöngyi

We started our family business in the summer of 2000, 23 years ago this year. With Grandma Kató’s treasured recipe for kneaded dough in our hands, we have undertaken nothing less than to make our chimney cake delicacies popular throughout the country.

Our vision, which has now become a reality, is that our shops, as a chimney cake-bistro, welcome new and returning customers every day of the week for a locally and freshly baked chimney cake, a hot coffee or a special handmade ice cream, also made by us. The success of our business is the dedication of a well-established family to a true Hungaricum, the Hungarian sweet, the Chimney Cake!

We are proud and pleased that everyone in the family is contributing their best to the continuous development of our company.

Meet us

Our Shops

Katónéni Finomságai

Budapest, Október 6. street 6.
Open ours:
Mo-Su: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Phone Nr: +36 20 566 9505

Kürtős Liget

Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 3.
Open ours:
Mo-Th: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm,
Fr-Su: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Phone Nr:

Premier Outlet

Biatorbágy, Budaörsi street 4.
Open ours:
H-V: 10.00 am – 8.00 pm
Phone Nr:

For Resellers

Frozen Chimney Cake

The team of Katónéni finomságai Kft. worked out a unique possibility for resellers.
With this new product everyone can easily make the most fresh chimney cake without any competence.


your business!

Colorize your business!


Our Services


Mentor Program

in English

The Mentor Program was created for our foreign partners for whom the option of frozen chimney cake is not possible for some reason.
In this case, we try to pass on the many years of experience and expertise we have acquired, in order to start the business as successfully as possible.


Chimey Cake Workshop

in our Downtown Shop

Make your own handmade chimney cake in our downtown shop!

The workshop is held by Grandma Kato’s daughter and/or granddaughter, and you will follow the steps of making a chimney cake. At the end of the programme, everyone can eat and take home their own chimney cakes and a certificate in English or Hungarian with their name on it.

Learn with us

at our Workshops!

Learn with us at our Workshops!



We have more than 22 years of experience in organising exhibitions, fairs and mass events.

Our company owns several installations, all of which are easy to move and aesthetically pleasing, and all of which are individually designed according to our ideas. The design of these exclusive products perfectly meets the strict requirements of the authorities.


Artisan Ice Cream Sales

A few years ago, we didn’t think that we would have another self-made product so close to our hearts besides chimney cake. But there is, and it’s ice cream.

In 2019, curiosity and a desire to learn led Lili, the granddaughter of Grandma Kato, to Italy, where she met Luca at a professional training course. Luca gave a presentation on ice cream making.  Besides the love of ice cream, another love was formed that day, as the two have been a couple ever since. Luca is now part of the family and also contributes her knowledge and expertise to the ice cream making process.



Our guests say


War super vorbereitet und sehr nettes Personal. Hat Spaß gemacht 🙂

We had such a fun time! We learned about Hungarian culture and got to make delicious chimney cakes. Would definitely recommend!

Such a great class! Our hostess was absolutely lovely and so welcoming, she gave us a great history on the Chimney Cake and taught us some great techniques on how to form the cakes. We’ve yet to try our recipes just yet, but the instructions we have been given to make the dough etc. are so clear. This is definitely something you need to do in Budapest!

What a delightful way to experience something different and fun that is unique to Hungary. Lily was lovely and friendly. She presented the workshop very well and explained all the steps in depth. The cakes we made were also delicious! We enjoyed it very much and would highly recommend it.

Our host was very kind and welcoming. You meet at a locally owned chimney cake shop and downstairs they have a small classroom allowing for an intimate learning area. She was patient and helpful. You get the opportunity to make 3 cakes yourself, and choose several different flavors to roll your cake in. At the end she shares the recipe and how to make them at home. Lots of fun, especially if you love sweets.

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