A few years ago, we didn’t think that we would have another homemade product so close to our hearts besides chimney cake. But there is, and it’s ice cream.

In 2019 curiosity and a desire to learn led Lili the granddaughter of Grandma Kato to Italy where she met Luca at a professional training course. Luca gave a presentation on ice cream making. Besides the love for ice cream another love was formed that day as the two have been a couple ever since. Luca is now part of the family and also brings her knowledge and expertise to the family ice cream making process.

Our company make 45 different types of ice cream from traditional flavours to ice cream specialities which are delivered fresh to your shop with an 8-14 day expiry date. We can also provide our partners with a limited number of ice-cream cabinets or on request a back-up cooler. For more information on prices, technical support and delivery, please contact our sales team on the contact details below:

Balogh Lili
+36 20 492 1828